How-to / Adding a Saga

A Saga is a simple class inheriting from the base Saga<> class. We also have to create an additional State record class holding it’s data, by inheriting from SagaState:

public record MyAwesomeSagaState : SagaState{
    public MyAwesomeSagaState(Guid id) : base(id){}

public class MyAwesomeSaga :
    private readonly ILogger<MyAwesomeSaga> _logger;       

    public ParentSaga(ILogger<MyAwesomeSaga> logger)
        _logger = logger ?? throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(logger));

Dependency injection can be used to reference services from Sagas.

IMPORTANT: each Saga should have its own State class. Don’t reuse State classes!

At this point all you have to do is register and configure the Saga:

services.AddOpenSleigh(cfg =>{
    cfg.AddSaga<MyAwesomeSaga, MyAwesomeSagaState>()      

When adding a Saga, it’s important to specify the Transport we want to use for its messages (inbound and outbound). In this example we’re using the UseRabbitMQTransport() extension method, which tells OpenSleight to use RabbitMQ for this Saga.